A breif introduction to OrderNChaos(ONC)
OrderNChaos(ONC) is a twin system of algorithmic stable coins which borrows the idea of Nirvana on the Solana network, ONC protocol is implemented in solidity and can be run on any EVM compatible chains, it will first launch on the Avalanche network. ONC produces the $CHAOS token: an algorithmic metastable token that serves as a store of wealth. And it produces the $ORDER token: a decentralized superstable store of value.
It enables zero liquidation-risk loans of $ORDER that have a negative interest rate. You earn a yield on your debt. The way it accomplishes this is by transferring the volatile, speculative energy of the $CHAOS token into the backing for the superstable $ORDER token.
  • Concentrated liquidity. The $ORDER token bundles the diverse reserve of stablecoins, concentrating their fragmented liquidity into one token.
  • Intrinsic value. OrderNChaos maintains a diverse basket of reserve assets that backs the value of $CHAOS. At any point in time, $CHAOS has an intrinsic value guaranteed by the reserves. The protocol will always buy $CHAOS back at its intrinsic value, and so this value becomes a hard floor price under which the token cannot trade.
  • Rising floor. As the surplus reserves grow in value, the protocol algorithmically increases the intrinsic value of the token. This increase is tantamount to raising the floor price. In other words, $CHAOS holders enjoy permanent gains. Once the floor price ratchets up, those gains are locked forever.
  • Sustainable APY. Users are incentivized to stake their $CHAOS in order to gain periodic rewards. The protocol mints pre-CHAOS ($prCHAOS) tokens at a regular interval, based on the total supply of $CHAOS. These $prCHAOS tokens are shared with stakers in proportion to how much they have staked. The result of repeated rewards creates compounding APY for stakers.
  • Higher-order stablecoin. $CHAOS can be used as collateral for taking $ORDER loans. The $ORDER token is a superstable currency that is fully collateralized 1:1 with the intrinsic (floor) value of $CHAOS. Since $ORDER loans are priced at the floor value of $CHAOS (which can never be breached), there is zero liquidation risk for these loans.
The above implements the core functions same as Nirvana, however, we have more thoughts on ONC, please read