The volatile, yield-bearing metastable token

The native store of wealth produced by ONC is the $CHAOS token. It is a partially collateralized, volatile metastable token. The price of $CHAOS is limited by a rising floor, backed by a diversified basket of stablecoins. The effect is that $CHAOS can trade above the floor, but can never trade beneath the floor. It has limited downside, but unlimited upside.

$CHAOS generates yield through staking rewards. Holders of $CHAOS may choose to stake it with the protocol and earn regular $prCHAOS reward tokens. These $prCHAOS tokens are options to buy additional $CHAOS at the current floor price. Realizing $prCHAOS tokens to purchase more $CHAOS that gets staked creates a compounding APY, where the rewards are re-invested into the user's principal.

What is a "metastable" token?

ONC coined the term metastable token to denote a kind of financial instrument that is better than -- or beyond -- stable. The $CHAOS token has a floor price which it will never go beneath, but it has unlimited upside. It has at least the inherent value of a stable coin.

Secondly, the ONC protocol tunes the bandwidth of prices that the currency tends to trade within. It is "stable" to a certain degree. The $CHAOS token is dynamic & volatile within bounds, which provides the necessary amount of dynamism to generate profit.

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