ONC's path toDaMoon

Stage 0

  • [DONE] ONC Core development(GenesisAuction, Market, StakePool, Bank)

  • [DONE] ONC UI development(Official website, app)

  • [DONE] Code audit(Internal, Thirdparty)

  • [DONE] Testnet launch

  • [DONE] Mainnet Fair launch

Stage 1

  • [WIP] ONC Bond

  • [WIP] ONC stableswap

  • [WIP] NFT Magic Power

  • [WIP] ONC composability exploration(eg, Curve integration, other floor price backed / stable currency integration)

Stage 2

  • Multichain deployment

  • Crosschain stableswap

Some tasks in stage 1 and stage 2 could be parallel. There are more specific plans which are not listed here. After the project is launched, we will adjust the strategy based on community feedback and finally make it a DAO-driven project.

Please don't be hesitate to give us advice on Discord

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