What's the Difference

This article describes how is OrderNChaos different from Nirvana

Order&Chaos borrowed ideas from Nirvana’s design. But ONC (Order&Chaos) Protocol is not the pure fork of Nirvana. They have the following differences:

  1. At the code and execution environment level, it runs in a different virtual machine environment than Nirvana, we use solidity to implement the core logic of Order&Chaos, and we do not have the open-source code of Nirvana as a reference during the development of our protocol.

  2. About vAMM, our protocol simplifies the PSL (Price Supporting Liquidity) calculation logic, it does not need to use the complex 3 segmentation function like Nirvana, but only uses two segmentation functions, for the market price we use the inverse calculation logic, rather than the complex binary segmentation function, but in fact, we achieve the same effect which Nirvana hopes to do.

  3. Order&Chaos is not just a protocol for stablecoin synthesis, it has practical application scenarios, and soon we will release the Stableswap feature to provide stablecoin exchange service without slippage.

  4. We not only consider the application scenarios of stablecoins, we also consider more application scenarios of $CHAOS, the value of $CHAOS will not only be supported by PSL in the future.

  5. We also see more feasibility (yes, feasibility, not a possibility), such as lending, cross-chain, NFT, etc.

Overall, Order&Chaos is built in the EVM parallel chain ecosystem, with a better user base and composability of protocols, which we will slowly feel in the future development, thanks to the excellent contribution of Nirvana and Olympus team in Defi3.0 design, let us look forward to further exploration of Order&Chaos in this field

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